Advantages & Services

Advantages & Services

Our Advantages to be your sourcing agent in India:
  • Managed by professionals with more than a decade of experience in sourcing for well known international companies.
  • In house Designers working with the most reputed vendors across India to offer you latest designs in diverse materials.
  • Dedicated quality and sourcing professionals for different home furnishing and handicrafts products.
  • Meticulously selected  Supplier base, capable of catering to all your  requirements.

Our Services

  • Identifying potential vendors according to client specifications
  • Comprehensive vendor evaluation
  • Providing comparative analysis among competent vendors
  • Development of Products as per the buyer's Quality parameters.
  • Facilitating Vendor inspection & independent quality assurance, analysis of materials, Pre / Inline / midline and final
  • inspection.
  • Ensure  export calibre packaging  as per international standards.
  • Facilitating shipment monitoring.
  • Ensure on-time shipments and delivery.
Apart from the above Qsource facilitate setting up market schedules and organise product shows for our clients in India and abroad.

Quality Assurance

“Consistency for us is dynamic in nature.”
We serve as the essence of our clients. Our team, field support, product technicians and quality assurance inspectors ensures that our clients merchandise is made to the highest quality standards in an ethical work environment, shipped on time with on-site inspection of raw materials, in-line production, a pre-shipment final inspection and shipped on board.


“Transparency explains the truth in the process.”
Q Source maintains a positive environment for its valued customers by preserving a transparency in the entire development process . To keep the supply chain completely transparent we encourage our clients to visit the factories, consolidators and material suppliers with whom we work on their behalf.

Social Compliance

“Our ethics and responsibilities.”
All our suppliers are in complete compliance with the most stringent social, labour, human rights and environmental standards.


“Accountability makes us responsible in every aspect of business.”
Being responsible is the first step . Q Source makes it a point to achieve its commitments in an unsurpassed way to institute a belief in the work we do by our cherished customers. 100% accountability for all actions helps in making strong decisions by our esteemed personnel for the definitive wellness of the required product. At Q Source we believe, criticism comes to those who takes the responsibility to achieve a higher aim in life.